What We Offer

Physio Pilates

Pilates based physiotherapy is a set of exercises conducted on specific equipment designed to improve strength, flexibility, body posture and enhance mental awareness.

Rehab Pilates

An effective way with a unique set of workout programs for rehabilitation of patients post surgery or a major injury.


We provide orthopedic physical therapy that is based on medical assessment of the patient by a professional physiotherapist.

Pelvic Floor Health

Heart pounding and exciting group fitness sessions that will change the way you feel your body. Our workouts are a combination of various functional movements that focus on improving your day to day activities

Physical Fitness

Are you expecting a bundle of joy soon and wish to sail through the birthing process smoothly? Or Already a new mom and are ready to get back into shape and regain your pelvic floor? Prenatal pilates or Post Natal Pilates is exactly what you are looking for.

Post Pregnancy Fitness

For most healthy women, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity — preferably spread throughout the week — after pregnancy.

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