Has it ever happened to you when you sneeze, laughed, coughed, or jumped and you wet yourself a bit. Then welcome to the club of women who have taken a hit on the pelvic floor after childbirth. There are other reasons too for a weak pelvic floor like weight gain or changing hormones with advancing age. It is very natural to somewhat lose control over the bladder function during pregnancy or after giving birth leading to involuntary leakages or passing of gas. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. It helps better to talk it out loud, share experiences and treat the issue with the right exercises.

It is crucial to attend to these changes and related issues at the right time with the right treatment. Here, Pilates with physiotherapy plays a vital role in assessing and treating the issues. It helps immensely in preparing for and recovering from childbirth.

Partner with us and we will take care of the rest

While there are many functional exercises known, Pilates is one revolutionary option that can really make a difference. In combination with Physiotherapy, Pilates gives excellent results and helps you regain your confidence. Once the physiotherapy assessment is done to know your exact condition, Physio Pilates takes over the role to manage postnatal challenges. Change Mee Pilates Rehabilitation Center works in coordination with Physiotherapists to get the best results and ensure the full potential of the exercises is realized. In fact, it is easier to explain how pilates work resulting in effective workout sessions. 

Pilates exercise routines are quite low impact but very effective that can give results faster. Not only does it strengthens the pelvic floor, it has many other beneficial effects on body:

Physio Pilates is a combination of multiple simple exercises that are conducted by well trained Change Mee Pilates instructors. These exercises begin with working on the core muscles with a controlled range of motion. The repetitive action focused on specific muscle movement makes the pelvic floor strong and helps build endurance and coordination. 

Here at Change Mee, we conduct pilates in two ways:

  1. Equipment Based Pilates: Set of simple exercises focused on mobility and flexibility are conducted on various state-of-the-art pilates apparatus like Reformer, Stability Chair, Spring Tower, Mat Tower, Spine Corrector, Flowin, Swim Trainer, Orbit and much more. These equipment pilates along with breathing coordination benefits and develops healthy exercising habits with complete awareness.
  2. Functional Movements: Functional training involves workouts that simulate the movement needed for day to day chores. After childbirth, the body experiences many changes and loses strength. We design some amazing fitness regimes for you that builds strength in the muscles, improves mobility and helps you regain confidence with a toned body.

Change Mee offers 1:1 pilates sessions to ensure complete care and attention. 

Physio Pilates has shown proven results for strengthening even the weakest of Pelvic muscular structure with positive and visible improvements within eight weeks of training. And we help you achieve this and get you going with your daily life with ease.

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